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Attractions in Balneario Camboriu

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 Balneário Camboriú, located on the north coast of Santa Catarina, is known as the capital of tourism in Santa Catarina because of its paradisiacal beaches and many tourist attractions,  besides offering visitors an excellent infrastructure and a strong and active trade all year long.

Classified as one of the major tourist cities of the southern region and Mercosur, the city receives every year tourists from all over the world, received with much security, well-being and quality care. Gastronomic scene is also strong, with many restaurants and bars with live music along its waterfront, offering the highest level of gastronomic options.

The city is full of tourist attractions for all tastes, such as beaches and excursions in the area. In addition, it is near to Vale doItajaí and the northern coast of the state, where there are the tourist towns of Penha, Piçarras, Enseada, Barra Velha, São Francisco do Sul, Itajaí, Joinville, Blumenau, Brusque, Pomerode, Itapema, Bombinhas and Florianópolis.

Tourist points

Morro do Careca Sibara Flat Hotel Photo of the Morro do Careca Sibara Flat Hotel

Morro do Careca

Located in one of the highest points in the region, at Praia dos Amores, Morro do Careca has a privileged view to the city and the sea, attracting many tourists. Furthermore, the place is used by adherents of free flight, with sports such as paragliding and hang gliding. Morro do Careca also has access to the beaches Praia do Buraco and Praia da Concha.

Parque Unipraias

Parque Unipraias is a tourist complex with 85 thousand square meters, equipped with aerial cable cars linking Barra Sul, Mata Atlântica and Praia das Laranjeiras. In Barra Sul there is a center for leisure and shopping with dining options, stores and parking. In Mata Atlântica station, at Morro da Aguada, is located an environmental park with trails, belvederes, bars and kiosks. Finally, Praia das Laranjeiras, perfect for water sports, has a structure with restaurants, bars and wharfs.

Ilha das Cabras

At 600 meters from Paia Central, Ilha das Cabras is one of the postcards of Camboriú, accessible by boat tours that leave from Barra Sul. At night, the island has a beautiful lighting.

Beto Carrero World

Located in Balneário de Penha, Beto Carrero World is the largest theme park throughout Latin America, getting thousands of people during the year, especially in summer. With several attractions for children and adults, the place is practically mandatory for anyone visiting the area that want to have fun with the whole family or friends. Besides the games, Beto Carrero World has incredible spectacles, one go-kart track and a zoo with hundreds of animals.
Cristo Luz Sibara Flat Hotel Photo of the Cristo Luz Sibara Flat Hotel

Cristo Luz

At 33 meters high, Cristo Luz is a monument located on top of a lookout point in Camboriú, with beautiful panoramic views. On the left hand of the sculpture there is a light cannon which symbolizes the sun responsible for lighting the city overnight. The place has a bar, restaurant and snack bar, besides gift shops and a memorial.

Parque Cyro Gevaerd

Parque Cyro Gevaerd has a zoo with animals, great attraction for those traveling with the whole family. With 40 thousand square meters, the park is surrounded by Mata Atlântica.


Cable car ride

Cable car ride

On a path with 3000 meters long, Parque Unipraias offers an unforgettable Passeio de Teleférico, taking tourists from Barra Sul to Praia de Laranjeiras, with bars, restaurants and calm waters. Along the way you pass through Mata Atlântica station, where you can walk by trails to the viewpoints and practice adventure sports like bobsled mountain.


Leaving Molhe da Barra Sul, numerous boats take tourists to Praia de Laranjeiras down a road that encompasses the beautiful Ilha das Cabras. The tours last an average of 1h30 and have different departure times.

Helicopter Ride

In Balneário Camboriú is possible to hire a helicopter tour, lasting from 4 to 12 minutes, which takes tourists to the Praia do Pinho and passes very close to the image of Cristo Luz.